The JCT® Concept

Born out of necessity to raise awareness of the importance of joint health and mobility, we are proud to announce our latest concept, Joint Centralisation Technique (JCT®).
The brainchild of Orchard Health Clinic, JCT® is the art of mobilising and articulating your body’s joints. Simply put, it is the art of controlled manoeuvres to mobilize joints and balance surrounding structure like fascia, muscles, ligaments, cartilage and bone.

Our JCT® treatment combines soft tissue and mobility techniques to bring your joints to their optimal axis of rotation to enhance full body function.

Benefits To Your Body

When your joints are brought to its optimal axis of rotation, it promotes lubrication, nourishment and joint health. What you can enjoy from this is reduced tension and stiffness in your muscles and joints. Added benefits also include better blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and overall relaxation!

With regular JCT® treatments, you will be able to improve range of motions and slow down the degeneration process. Trust us, your joints will thank you.

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The First Session

When you arrive, you'll be greeted by our friendly staff.
You will proceed to select your preferred treatment.
Meet your therapist and inform them of any areas to avoid.

Your safety and comfort is our #1 priority!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment applicable to me? >
If you find yourself in the same position (e.g. sitting down or standing up) for more than 6 hours a day, then this is the perfect treatment for you! Using JCT®, our trainers will help to mobilise your joints as well as give your muscles a much-needed stretch!
What do I wear on my session? >
You can wear whatever you want. We will provide you with a pair of shorts and a top to help you feel completely comfortable and relaxed for the treatment.
Will the treatment be painful? >
Our treatments have been designed in a way that ensures you remain comfortable and pain-free throughout the session. That said, some people may experience temporary discomfort during certain manoeuvres.
Where should I go, Orchard Health Lifestyle or Orchard Health Clinic? >
Orchard Health Lifestyle focuses on body maintenance and wellness to improve general mobility and movement, including reducing stiff joints and muscle tension. At OHL, we offer systematic treatments to promote joint health and lubrication through a series passive movements. The treatments focus on helping you to move your body in a way that brings it to its optimal function.

On the other hand, Orchard Health Clinic aims to provide thorough injury care with highly customised healthcare solutions. If you have a physical injury or pain, we encourage you to consult with our highly-trained practitioners here to explore the appropriate options for your condition.
Where to find us? >
230 Orchard Road, Faber House, #04-232, Singapore 238854

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