Lifestyle Ambassadors

The OHC Experience consists of people who lead busy yet active lifestyles. Juggling work and sports is never easy. We provide customised care and maintenance programs specially catered for their individual needs for treatment solutions. It is our wish to help everyone live a better life with Osteopathy.



  • Claire Jedrek
    Race Car Driver

    British born presenter & writer, Claire, has a keen interest in the Lifestyle and Motorsport industry.  She is Singapore’s only female race car driver to be placed 2nd at the 2015 Malaysian F1 support race & awarded by the Singapore Motor Sport Association for Outstanding Achievement (Car).

    Always pushing her physical limits, Claire is an ACE certified Personal Trainer, recognised as a Fitness Personality.

  • Paul Foster
    Model/ Actor/ Emcee

    Paul has been in the entertainment scene for over a decade; having been successful in modelling, acting and hosting all over the Asia region. Outside of work, Paul is also passionate about his health and fitness and as an ex-National Rugby Player. He continues to keep fit by working out in the gym, training in crossfit and running.

    With Orchard Health Clinic, Paul can stay injury free and well balanced with his work and fitness schedule.

  • Georgina Poh
    Fitness Enthusiast

    “Thanks to Orchard Health Clinic (OHC) that I found out that I have Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS). Living with HMS is something still really new to me and thanks to OHC that I finally figured out why I had been living with chronic pains for the longest time. OHC has helped me a lot in learning more about my body and I always appreciate how they are constantly giving me suggestions on how to improve my workouts to make the workout work for me.”

  • Roxanne Gan
    Yoga Instructor

    Roxanne has been teaching Yoga since 2011. She started Yoga as a means to heal both her body and mind. Her body began getting stronger and she started to live life with a more positive outlook. She wanted to share her passion and experience with other people, hoping to help them cope and overcome their own struggles in life. Orchard Health Clinic assessed her body and revealed that she had Hyperlordosis which created stress in her lumbar spine. She was put through a rehabilitation programme throughout the treatment process.

  • Muhammad Ismail aka Shrek
    Master Coach

    Muhammad Ismail aka Shrek
    Shrek a master coach, an infantry officer in the Singapore Armed Forces and fitness enthusiast all in one. He also does competitive bodybuilding and has won a few national title and represented Singapore in overseas competition. He won the coveted title of Mr Singapore in 2011.

    In the last 2 years, he has been actively involved in doing Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) all over the globe. With this new found passion, he also set up a fitness community known as the Lion City Spartans. Currently they have 1800 members and actively racing with up to 200 over members at some big OCR events such Spartan Race and Viper Challenge. Orchard Health Clinic ensures his body is in top condition to race around the world.

  • Cholticha Srivisal (Thicha)
    STOTT PILATES ® Instructor Trainer and TotalBarre ® Instructor

    Thicha is also a certified Antigravity® instructor and a 1-star Antigravity® Instructor Trainer.

    Thicha is an avid Ballet dancer. She earned the Advanced level certification from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in the UK, and is a registered RAD teacher. She holds a Certificate of higher dance education from the university of Surrey, UK. Additionally, she holds a Master of Science Degree of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in USA.