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Cryotherapy Treatment: Benefits And Side-Effects

Cryotherapy Treatment Benefits And Side-Effects | Cryotherapy Singapore


Cryotherapy – cold therapy – refers to a technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. This form of therapy may be recommended to treat specific conditions like muscle soreness and knee pain. The aim is to utilise the cold to kickstart the body’s natural healing processes, thus boosting muscle rejuvenation.

Localised cryotherapy can be administered in multiple ways, including through ice packs, ice baths, and coolant sprays. At Orchard Health Clinic, our therapists use a handheld device to apply liquid nitrogen vapour to your skin to achieve this severe cold.  

So here lies the most pertinent question, “Is cryotherapy safe?”. Well, rest assured that cryotherapy is completely safe under the supervision of our specialists at Orchard Health Clinic. However, pregnant women, or patients with severe high blood pressure or heart conditions should avoid this procedure.

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Benefits of cryotherapy

Now that we have established that cryotherapy is a perfectly safe treatment when administered by a professional, the next question you might have is, “Why cryotherapy?”. That is because this treatment is minimally invasive and possesses various benefits. Read on to learn more!

Benefit #1: Promote pain relief and muscle healing

Promote Pain Relief and Muscle Healing | Cryotherapy Singapore

Cryotherapy can aid muscle pain and common joint and muscle disorders such as arthritis. Exposure to extremely cold temperatures reduces blood flow to a particular area (like the joint or tendon), reducing the inflammation and swelling that causes pain. Additionally, the cold encourages your white blood cells – responsible for fighting infections and repairing wounds – to work at optimal conditions to promote muscle healing.

Benefit #2: Reduce inflammations

Reduce inflammations | Cryotherapy Singapore

The underlying origin of your acute or chronic pain is often inflammation. This is because inflammation is one way your body combats infection. However, your immune system may become overly reactive, causing chronic inflammation, which is linked to chronic pain like arthritis. Cryotherapy helps slow down blood flow, thereby reducing inflammation.

Benefit #3: Revitalise your skin

Cryotherapy can be used to treat more than just your muscle injuries. This treatment method also represents a holistic approach to skincare and wellness. The concept is identical to our regular cryotherapy treatments. Liquid nitrogen vapour is applied to your skin via a handheld spraying device to achieve this severe cold. 


The sudden cold temperatures will kickstart your body’s natural healing process, thereby getting rid of the toxins and impurities residing within your skin. Additionally, the increased blood circulation and collagen caused by the cold help minimise wrinkles and enlarged pores. The end result is a glowing complexion that leaves you appearing more radiant and youthful.

Benefit #4: Support the weight loss process

Cryotherapy alone will not contribute to weight loss, but it could support the process. It prompts your body to produce brown adipose tissue (BAT), which converts fat into energy. The cold temperature can also increase your metabolic rate, causing you to naturally burn calories faster throughout the day.

Our Cryo Lift (Body Contouring) treatment can target stubborn fats and cellulite in your abdomen, arms, back, chest, and thighs, allowing you to sculpt your body effortlessly. The process works by freezing your fat cells completely so that they can be permanently flushed out of your body.

Side effects of cryotherapy

Most forms of therapy carry side effects, and cryotherapy is no different. Thankfully, they are minor. Common side effects include a tingling sensation, numbness, and redness. There is no downtime after the session. However, if you do experience the side effects, they are usually temporary and will be resolved within a day.

Get treated at Orchard Health Clinic today!

Cryotherapy is a safe procedure that offers plenty of health benefits! Nevertheless, if you have any conditions you want to treat with cryotherapy, we recommend consulting our therapists beforehand to discuss if the treatment is appropriate. Do not hesitate to contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment with our therapists.



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