What is the frequency of treatment?

For severe injuries/conditions, we recommend treatment on a weekly basis to ensure that pain is promptly managed, followed by maintenance on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

How many sessions will I need?

We work closely with our patients to achieve progress and improvements, because we understand that every individual is unique and recovers at a different pace. Let our therapist assess the severity of your condition, we will then be able to propose the best course of treatment. As a rule of thumb, your progress will be monitored between 8-10 sessions.

What to expect in your first session?

Your first session will last 50-60 minutes. Your therapist begins with a consultation, followed by a full body assessment and hands-on treatment. Depending on the requirements of your condition, assessed by our therapists, complementary modalities may be applied in conjunction with your treatment.

Do you do home visits, onsite consultations and corporate talks?

Absolutely. Send us your query at info@orchardhealthclinic.com.

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