What We Do

OHC Global TeleHealth

OHC Global TeleHealth Session

Get your Osteopathy & Physiotherapy sessions in the comfort of your own space with the aid of technology.

Let our professional team of therapists guide you through wherever you may be, whenever you need a session, conveniently in the privacy of your own space.

What is OHC Global TeleHealth

OHC Global TeleHealth is a simple yet secure telerehabilitation platform that connects you to your preferred therapist for a professional consultation session. Our therapists will be taking thorough notes on your condition in order to give you the best expert advice. A follow-up report with recommendations will be sent to you following the session.

Why Choose OHC Global TeleHealth Service

  • Accessibility

    Privacy and convenience of the appointment in your own home

  • Affordability

    Economical rates for consultations

  • Flexibility

    Flexible appointment time with an assigned therapist

  • Professionalism

    Expert advice from our international team of therapists

  • Time-saving

    A quick 30 minutes duration per session

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Alternatively, please call us at +65 9127 3178 or email us at info@orchardhealthclinic.com.