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Prenatal/Postnatal Care

Prenatal/ Postnatal Care | Orchard Health Clinic

Pregnancy causes a tremendous amount of development and stress to the body within such a small window of 40 weeks; usually up to 20kg changes.

Apart from the obvious postural changes due to a change in the body’s center of gravity, hormone changes causing your ligaments to become more lax to prepare for childbirth. These subtle changes can have a great impact on your daily lifestyle. The physical increase in weight, changing the position of your growing baby, and ligament softening due to hormones put additional pressure onto your muscles and joints.

Physical therapy provides a safe, natural, and gentle approach to help with the above issues by reducing discomfort and postural strains. Treatment helps the body adapt and support the body’s changes as well as prepare the body for birth by helping optimise alignment and biomechanics. Techniques used for treatment include deep tissue releases and massage, mobilisations, stretching, manipulations, exercise therapy, and lifestyle advice. All treatments are tailored to you to ensure your safety and effectiveness. We recommend starting regular treatment after your first trimester.

Postnatal treatment is advised to help restore alignment and mobility. After giving birth, your pelvic floor and core muscles will become very weak. Physical therapists are trained to help you relearn to utilise your pelvic floor muscles appropriately and to regain any strength that was lost during pregnancy or birth. As each woman’s postpartum condition is unique, physical therapists are also skilled in developing an individualised treatment plan based on the details shared and the findings of their examination. New routines that may cause discomfort such as breastfeeding and carrying your new baby can be alleviated through regular physical therapy.

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