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Adam-Turner | Orchard Health Clinic

Adam Turner


Osteopathic Council of New Zealand (OCNZ)

Adam graduated from Unitec New Zealand with a Master of Osteopathy. His motivation in Osteopathy arises from his passion in improving health and fitness through a holistic approach.

Leveraging his extensive training and knowledge, Adam specialises in the comprehensive management of diverse musculoskeletal issues, particularly back and neck problems. Employing primarily structural hands-on techniques, Adam meticulously tailors his approach, supplementing treatments with home-care exercises and lifestyle advice.

Adam places a paramount emphasis on clear communication and patient-centered care, ensuring a bespoke treatment plan aligned with their unique needs. This assures a level of care that is of the utmost quality for his clients.

Beyond the clinic, Adam dedicates himself to an active lifestyle, engaging in activities such as surfing, running, and resistance training. His enthusiasm for movement translates into his dedication to helping you achieve better health.

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