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Johnathan Wilson | Orchard Health Clinic

Johnathan Wilson


Osteopathy Board AHPRA

Johnathan is a former pro skateboarder turned Osteopath and a highly skilled and experienced practitioner based in Singapore. With a deep understanding of sports-related injuries and a passion for helping others, Johnathan brings a unique perspective to his practice.

Having worked in renowned sports clinics across Australia, Johnathan has honed his expertise in treating a wide range of conditions. From chronic headaches and migraines to lower back pain and complex regional pain syndromes, he has successfully alleviated the suffering of numerous individuals.

Johnathan’s expertise does not stop there. He is dedicated to providing holistic care for individuals of all ages, from expectant and new mothers to infants and children. He can treat all conditions including prenatal and postnatal care and child development care, ensuring a comprehensive approach to health and well-being.

Drawing from his comprehensive knowledge and personal experience, Johnathan takes a holistic and patient-centered approach to treatment. By considering the biological, structural, and functional aspects of each client’s condition, Johnathan develops tailored treatment plans that yield exceptional results. Johnathan combines various techniques, including the specialised Watson Headache® technique, myofascial trigger point therapy, and targeted exercise prescription rehabilitation. By utilising these effective methods, Johnathan helps his clients regain their health and achieve their wellness goals.

In addition to his work, Johnathan also offers Animal Osteopathy services, providing gentle and effective treatment for pets experiencing musculoskeletal issues or discomfort. With a passion for holistic care and a commitment to helping both people and animals achieve optimal health, Johnathan brings his expertise and compassionate approach to every aspect of his practice.

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