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Vanessa Wong | Orchard Health Clinic

Vanessa Wong


BSc Physiotherapy
AHPC Registered, Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Certified

Vanessa embodies the belief that “Movement is the best medicine,” a mantra that has become her guiding principle in life. With a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Curtin University, Vanessa brings to the table more than ten years of invaluable clinical experience, having practiced her craft both in Perth and Singapore.

As a dedicated Physiotherapist, Vanessa has left her mark on diverse patient profiles, from professional athletes to desk-bound office workers and individuals grappling with chronic pain.

As a passionate fitness enthusiast, she holds a special interest in treating sports and
gym-related injuries, aiding patients in maximising their performance potential while preventing future setbacks. Additionally, Vanessa is well-versed in addressing neck and shoulder issues, prenatal and postnatal care, as well as rectifying dysfunctional breath patterns.

In all her casework, Vanessa consistently treats the human body as a holistic being. She views the human body as a complex and interconnected entity, focusing on both the physical and functional aspects. Through a combination of manual therapy and tailored functional rehabilitation exercises, she empowers her patients to alleviate physical restrictions and break free from habitual holding patterns in their body. Her expertise extends to enhancing postural alignment, refining breathing techniques, and promoting fluid, pain-free movement. Vanessa’s proficiency in dry needling and manipulative techniques further bolsters her ability to target trigger points and alleviate pain, ultimately fostering her patients’ overall well-being. Vanessa is committed to enhancing your physical health and well-being, and her expertise places her among the best Physiotherapists in Singapore.

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