Lifestyle Ambassadors

The OHC Lifestyle consists of people who stay active amidst their busy lives. Juggling work and fitness are never easy. We provide customised care and maintenance programs specially catered for their individual needs with the best treatment solutions. It is our goal to help everyone live a better life through Osteopathy and Physiotherapy.



  • Claire Jedrek
    Race Car Driver

    British born presenter & writer, Claire, has a keen interest in the Lifestyle and Motorsport industry.  She is Singapore’s only female race car driver to be placed 2nd at the 2015 Malaysian F1 support race & awarded by the Singapore Motor Sport Association for Outstanding Achievement (Car).

    Always pushing her physical limits, Claire is an ACE certified Personal Trainer, recognised as a Fitness Personality.

  • Muhammad Ismail aka Shrek
    Master Coach

    Muhammad Ismail aka Shrek
    Shrek a master coach, an infantry officer in the Singapore Armed Forces and fitness enthusiast all in one. He also does competitive bodybuilding and has won a few national title and represented Singapore in overseas competition. He won the coveted title of Mr Singapore in 2011.

    In the last 2 years, he has been actively involved in doing Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) all over the globe. With this new found passion, he also set up a fitness community known as the Lion City Spartans. Currently they have 1800 members and actively racing with up to 200 over members at some big OCR events such Spartan Race and Viper Challenge. Orchard Health Clinic ensures his body is in top condition to race around the world.

  • Hirzi Zulkiflie

    Hirzi started his career as an online personality producing parodies, skits and satires on Youtube. His brand of humour is often observational commentaries, juxtaposed with his perspective as a Millennial growing up in first-world Singapore and all its diverse views.

    Over the years Hirzi has crossed over from the Internet to doing works in TV, film and theatre.

    In 2012, Mediacorp commissioned his very own television show called ‘Munah and Hirzi, Action!’ and he conceptualised and wrote his first TV series, ‘Interns The Series’ in 2014. He recently had his debut on the big screen in a Singaporean-Taiwanese co-production for a Chinese film called ‘The Big Day’ earlier this June and earlier in January he conceptualised and starred in his first sold-out live show called “Munah and Hirzi Live, Curtain Call” at Capitol Theatre.

    At its prime, the previous channel has 148K subscribers and an average of 8 Million Channel views. While his new solo channel has garnered 15k subscribers and an average of 540k channel views in the last two months.

    Hirzi has been named by Her World as Top 50 Men Singapore Loves in 2013 and has been listed by Esquire as one of the 50 men to lead Singapore into the next 50 years for their SG50 issue.

    Orchard Health Clinic (OHC) has been such a pivotal recovery outlet for all the damaging things that Hirzi’s hectic schedule does to his body. From chronic migraines to body stiffness, Hirzi’s body gets a monthly reset button with the treatment sessions.

  • Munah Bagharib

    Munah, a bright & bubbly personality, is a television and theatre actress and presenter. But behind the carefree personality is a prolific actress who has delivered vastly varied yet consistently inspiring performances. Munah’s entertainment career started in 2008 and has since been involved in many local television and theatre productions. Regionally, she was also a presenter on Fox Sports and hosted the Asian Television Awards. Adventurous by nature, she also hosted a thrilling, limit-pushing travel show, #MissAdventures, travelling the world from Cambodia to Nepal, doing some of the most daring activities! She keeps active by working out at the gym and pole dancing.

    With Orchard Health Clinic (OHC), the sessions have helped Munah to keep her body mobile and strong for the kind of high energy work she does.

  • Larry Yeo
    Beauty Educator

    Larry Yeo started his career on the beauty retail floor for six years and had a stint as a beauty trainer before moving onto doing makeup on a freelance basis.

    He’s always believed that “Education is Power”, and with his knowledge and passion in cosmetics, he had been asked by many brands to front their campaigns and product launches. This is another way he gets to share his love of beauty education to all.

    The downside: Long hours at the desk and also a lot of standing at work; bent over in awkward spine alignment whilst putting on makeup for others means that Larry is always in constant body ache and strains.

    Which brings us to his time at Orchard Health Clinic (OHC). Getting treated by the therapists at OHC is one of the best choices in life that Larry has ever made. His chronic backaches, weak ankles and sore shoulders were treated and sorted!

    Larry adores the fact that everyone gives excellent tips from strengthening exercises to basics like how to stretch properly.

    He feels indebted to the clinic that treated his old ailments, and never fail to ease new ones whenever he starts aching again.