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Osteopathy: How It Plays A Critical Role In Postnatal Care

Postnatal care between newborn and mother Orchard Health Clinic


As an expecting mother, the birth of your baby is undoubtedly a beautiful moment for you. However, after pregnancy, you may find your body experiencing changes arising from your new stage of life as a mum.

Besides recovering from pregnancy, your body also has to work hard to take care of your bundle of joy. That includes regular lifting and carrying of your baby. As a result, you may find yourself experiencing frequent aches and back pain.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options available to help with your postnatal care. Osteopathy treatment, in particular, can play a crucial role in alleviating some of the aches and bodily changes mums endure after pregnancy.

What is postpartum osteopathy?

Osteopath Clinic in Singapore by Orchard Health Clinic | Postnatal Care Singapore

Osteopathic treatments take a holistic view of the human body, emphasising manual “hands-on” techniques to balance your body systems to provide overall good health and well-being. Postpartum osteopathy is a form of this treatment method focused on attending to the needs of women following childbirth. The aim is to minimise your pain and improve your flexibility and mobility to look after yourself and your baby.

An osteopath can address any pain, tightness, or muscle spasm you experienced after birth by looking at what your body needs most during postpartum recovery. You will be taught various stretching and strength exercises to help you get physically stronger. The osteopath will also educate you on the proper techniques to lift, bend, and carry your baby.

How can osteopathy help with postnatal care?

Back pain treatment by Orchard Health Clinic | Postnatal Care Singapore

  1. Address alignment issues after birth

Many women experience malalignment issues after pregnancy. Often, the other joints in your body are forced to compensate, further exacerbating structural misalignment. An osteopath can check your body to ascertain any underlying issues and propose solutions to address these problems.

  1. Protect your pelvic floor

After childbirth, alterations to your abdominal and pelvic cavities can place significant pressure on your pelvic floor and organs. An osteopath can work with you to enhance the mobility of your visceral system, lengthen certain muscles, and increase the mobility of your musculoskeletal system to minimise the downward pressure of your organs on your pelvic floor, thus improving function.

  1. Reduce back pain 

During pregnancy, the position of your pelvis alters and tilts as your bump size increases to accommodate space for the fetus. This change in alignment places additional pressure on your lower back. As a result, it is not surprising to find numerous women experiencing back pain during and after pregnancy. Much of that pain arises from this postural malalignment.

Unfortunately, many women dismiss this issue as part of the pregnancy process and do not seek proper treatment. However, back pain can be caused by various issues such as a weak or overactive pelvic floor, muscular imbalance, or changes in posture. An osteopath can pinpoint the source of the pain, check your posture, and suggest suitable back pain treatments to ensure everything is fine and healing correctly.

  1. Recover your posture and centre of gravity

Your centre of gravity shifts forward during pregnancy due to the weight of your growing uterus. This change adds stress to your spinal joints and accentuates the curvature of your spine, leading to the tightening of the spinal muscles. Your growing baby bump also places an extra load on your joints, resulting in more work for the back muscles. This is why you often experience back pain during pregnancy. 

After delivery, you may require time to adjust to the new changes after getting used to your centre of gravity during pregnancy. Osteopathic treatments can help you recover your posture and centre of gravity quickly. Your body may also experience new postural strains from taking care of your newborn. An osteopath can provide soft tissue massage and suggest gentle stretching exercises to help you cope with these changes.

When should you see an osteopath after childbirth?

Osteopathy can be helpful during postnatal care, especially for first-time mothers who require all the help they need to focus on their recovery. Therefore, we recommend consulting an osteopath in Singapore as soon as you feel comfortable and well enough to travel to an osteopathy clinic.

At Orchard Health Clinic, our team possess years of experience in the field of osteopathy. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when consulting our specialists for your postnatal care. Do not hesitate to contact us today to schedule an appointment with our clinic.

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