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Importance of Physiotherapy and Services Available

Physiotherapy is an evidence-based healthcare profession that promotes recovery from trauma, injury, or disability and aims to restore movement and functional ability to the person’s full potential. At its core, physio takes a holistic approach to the patient’s health and well-being, and that includes the patient’s general lifestyle.

Physio clinics in Singapore assess, treat, and manage a broad spectrum of physical problems that are related to the respiratory, cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and musculoskeletal systems of the body. Our physiotherapist is trained to pinpoint the root cause of injuries and other ailments.

They will also assess the holistic health and wellbeing of the patient, as well as consider a multitude of factors before formulating a treatment program. Common physiotherapy treatment includes manual therapy, joint mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, movement, exercise, and other approaches.

However, a patient’s active involvement in the treatment of their condition is also crucial in physiotherapy. The physiotherapist can recommend a suitable physio treatment plan, but the patient is encouraged to follow the programme diligently to ensure a full recovery. To achieve this, physiotherapists strive to educate, raise awareness, and empower their patients to take a keen interest in their treatment.

When To Visit A Physiotherapy Clinic In Singapore?

If you have an injury or chronic pain that impacts how you function daily or have undergone surgery on your shoulder, knee, or ligament, your doctor will recommend you to visit a physio clinic in Singapore for treatment. Physiotherapy treatments can be for various conditions caused by an injury, disability, or disease. Examples include

  • Neck and back pain due to issues with the muscle or skeleton
  • Problems in the joints, ligaments, bones, or muscles, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or golfer’s elbow.
  • Loss of mobility because of trauma to the spine or brain, or due to conditions like sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Stiffness, pain, swelling, or fatigue of the muscle due to pregnancy or an ACL injury.

Benefits Of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is beneficial in preventing damage or further injury to an already strained body part. It focuses on strengthening the patient’s core muscles and ensuring they maintain great shape and health to prevent injury or disease in the future. However, these are not the only advantages. Other benefits include

1. Eliminate and reduce pain

Patients suffering from muscle sprain, tennis elbow, or arthritis experience pain in specific areas of their body. Physiotherapists from physio clinics in Singapore can provide an effective physiotherapy treatment programme to help patients manage their conditions and strengthen their muscles, which helps to alleviate the pain and ensure normalcy.

2. Alternative treatment method to surgery

Some patients in Singapore prefer non-invasive treatment methods to manage their condition, especially if the symptoms are not severe and Physio provides this option by helping them manage and heal in this initial stage.

3. Manage and prevent sports-related injuries

Athletes or active individuals are at risk of developing sports-related injuries like an ACL tear, tennis elbow, or golfer’s elbow due to their profession. Physiotherapy is extremely important in these situations, as it provides specific treatment to address the symptomatic problem. This minimises sports-related injuries from occurring, and in the event that injuries happen, physiotherapy treatment at a physio clinic in Singapore can help manage the condition.

4. Improve your posture

Persistent neck or back pain is often the result of improper posture. A physiotherapist can highlight your posture issues and provide you with tips to maintain proper posture. Examples include being more aware of how you can position your body while sitting and how you can improve the function of certain parts of your body to minimise such nagging pains and aches.

5. Manage age-related issues

Old age can often bring about complications such as arthritis or osteoporosis, which can cause discomfort to an individual and hamper their daily lifestyle. Fortunately, these conditions can be managed through physio in Singapore.


Physiotherapy Services Available

1. Pain relief and management

Chronic pain can affect your quality of life and prevent you from participating in activities you cherish. Fortunately, there are ways to manage your chronic pain. With physiotherapy, you can strengthen your supporting muscles and understand techniques to relieve your pain, allowing you to keep active. 

2. Neck and back care

A significant number of people in Singapore suffer from neck and back pain. Long hours confined to a work desk and poor posture are some of the top causes of these conditions. Visit our physio clinic in Singapore and our physiotherapists can provide you with ergonomic advice as well as teach you techniques to maintain proper posture during work to ease your neck or back pain.

3. Post-surgical rehabilitation

Proper rehabilitation after surgery is essential to ensure a speedy recovery and minimise complications arising from surgery. Our physiotherapists will assess your condition and devise a suitable physio treatment programme to accelerate your recovery in a safe and effective manner.  

4. Osteoporosis prevention and treatment

Osteoporosis occurs when the bones in our body weaken due to mineral loss. This condition can lead to bone fractures and a loss of mobility and is especially prevalent in the elderly. As such, proper preventive measures through physiotherapy are crucial to minimising the risk of developing this condition in the later stages of life. 

5. Shockwave therapy

Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT) is a clinically proven non-invasive and multi-disciplinary device used to treat localised musculoskeletal pain. Do not hesitate to speak to our physiotherapists at our physio clinic in Singapore to discuss if this treatment is suitable for your condition.

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