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Child Development Care

Child Development Care | Orchard Health Clinic

Physical therapy plays a crucial role in assessing and treating child development in terms of movement, motor skills, and functional abilities. Using sensitive palpatory skills, our therapists are able to gently identify where the child’s structure has been disturbed. Apart from growing pains, potential developmental issues such as Sever’s Disease, Compartment Syndrome, Torticollis, or Colic in newborns are commonly monitored.

The treatment program typically begins with a comprehensive assessment of the child’s physical abilities, motor skills, and overall development. This assessment may involve evaluating muscle strength, range of motion, coordination, balance, posture, and mobility. Standardised assessment tests are also administered to measure various aspects of a child’s development and identify any delays, impairments, or specific areas of concern.

Based on the assessment results, an individualised treatment plan is created to address the child’s specific needs. The plan may include specific goals and objectives for improving motor skills, mobility, strength, coordination, and balance. Manual therapy along with therapeutic exercises and activities tailored to the child’s developmental needs will be incorporated.
Parents or caregivers will also receive guidance on how to support their child’s development at home.

Child Development Care

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