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Colby Kitchin | Orchard Health Clinic

Colby Kitchin


Osteopathy Board AHPRA

Colby brings extensive private practice experience as an Osteopath from Melbourne, Australia. Following her graduation from Victoria University in 2009, she expanded her expertise by undertaking Clinical Pilates and Obstetrics Training to complement her treatment approach. Colby has since garnered skill treating a wide variety of clients from babies, to pregnant mothers, athletes and office workers.

Prior to arriving in Singapore, Colby taught Pilates at a prestigious studio in Brooklyn, New York City. The teaching stint further enhanced her appreciation for exercise rehabilitation as an important part of patient care in her treatment program. Colby also considers ergonomics, posture, and movement patterns to understand and address the underlying concerns effectively.

Colby specialises in the treatment and management of headaches, especially those related to neck, shoulder, and jaw dysfunction. In addition, she has developed an affinity for treating hip pain related to pregnancy and posture.

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