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Mona Balakrishnan | Orchard Health Clinic

Mona Balakrishnan

Rehabilitation Specialist

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

Former Pharmacist turned Physiotherapist, Mona graduated from Asia Metropolitan University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours). Born in Malaysia, she skillfully acquired multilingual proficiency in English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil.

Mona previously worked in military hospitals, rehabilitation and sports clinics. Over the course of her career, she developed an inclination to Prenatal cases as well as specialises in injuries related to the elbow, hip, knee, and ankle.

Being a Calisthenics enthusiast, Mona believes that mobility is the key to health. She finds joy in helping her clients lead an active life by providing a bespoke approach consisting of manual therapy, manipulations, exercise prescription and dry needling. Mona also analyses lifestyle alongside the injuries to treat the concerns at its core for lasting impact.

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