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4 Common Medical Conditions Our Osteopaths Can Help Treat

4 Common Medical Conditions Our Osteopaths Can Help Treat | Orchard Health Clinic


At Orchard Health Clinic, our osteopaths are trained to diagnose and treat various medical conditions affecting the bones, muscles, and joints, using multiple hands-on techniques. We not only focus on the area of complaint but also help you to understand your condition and how to manage the symptoms. If you have ever wondered when to schedule a consultation with us, ponder no more! Let us share the common medical conditions our osteopaths can help treat.

1. Sciatica

Sciatica | 4 Common Medical Conditions Our Osteopaths Can Help Treat

Have you experienced pain radiating from your lower back through the hips and buttocks and ending just below your knee? In this case, you might have Sciatica. This condition occurs when the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back down through the hips and buttocks and into each leg, becomes compressed or irritated. When this happens, you may experience weakness or difficulty moving your leg.

Our osteopaths can help treat your Sciatica by using various techniques to reduce inflammation and improve the alignment of your spine and pelvis. Our Sciatica treatments include soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilisation, and spinal manipulation. We will also recommend exercises and stretches to improve your posture and minimise the risk of future sciatic episodes.

2. Sports injuries

Sports Injuries | 4 Common Medical Conditions Our Osteopaths Can Help Treat

You may have experienced your fair share of sports-related injuries as an athlete and a fitness enthusiast. If these injuries are not treated correctly, complications may arise in the future. Whether it is a strained muscle or tendon or a more severe condition like a torn ligament, our osteopaths will take a holistic approach to promote healing and help reduce your pain.

We will assess your injury before working with you to develop a customised rehabilitation plan that includes exercises and stretches to help your body regain strength and flexibility. Additional treatment methods, like manual therapy and cryotherapy, may be recommended to help accelerate the healing process.

3. Acute and chronic back pain

Acute and Chronic Back Pain | 4 Common Medical Conditions Our Osteopaths Can Help Treat

As much as 80% of Singaporeans experience back pain. This medical condition can be caused by numerous factors, such as poor posture, muscle strain, injury, or underlying medical conditions. Fortunately, there are various remedies for this issue.

The back pain treatments our osteopaths may provide to manage back pain include stretching, as well as spinal, joint, and soft tissue manipulation. The aim is to reduce inflammation, improve mobility, and restore proper alignment. We will also recommend lifestyle changes and educate you on maintaining the correct posture to avoid placing stress on your spine.

4. Postnatal conditions

Postnatal Conditions | 4 Common Medical Conditions Our Osteopaths Can Help Treat

Do you know that many women visit osteopathic clinics in Singapore for pregnancy-related issues? Yes, it is true! Osteopaths have experience with various aspects of women’s health, including helping their bodies adapt to the different pregnancy stages.

In fact, many new mothers experience postnatal back and neck pain after giving birth. As a result, they seek postnatal care from our osteopaths, who can help them cope with the physical demands of childbirth and how that can take a toll on the body.

Our osteopaths can help address any pain, tightness, or muscle spasm you experience after childbirth. We will assess what your body requires during postpartum recovery and recommend stretching and strength exercises to help you get physically stronger. Additionally, we will educate you on the proper lifting and bending techniques when carrying your baby to minimise the stress you place on your body.

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We hope this information has proven to be useful for you. Do not hesitate to consult our osteopaths if you experience any of the issues we shared above or have a medical ailment that affects your bones, muscles, and joints. We will be glad to assist you in managing and treating your condition. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.


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